wisdom through personal investigation

uncovering ultimate reality

Buddhism in daily life: Cultivate virtue (through upholding precepts), concentration (through meditation practice), and insight (through dharma study) -- ultimately we are each responsible for our own future. Thus we can all uncover our innate Buddha-nature, our inherent capacity for compassion and wisdom.

Zen practice allows us a mind of stability and clarity -- dispelling delusions and awakening to liberation and joy. We transform our deep and subtle habits into wholesome ones, and cultivate until we can see things as they really are without our own biases and discrimination.

Mindful Cultivation -- Special Events:

Berkeley Buddhist Monastery:
Storytelling for Families: Dec 1, 3:30pm
Tea & Meditation with Monks: Dec 4, 5pm - 10pm
Tea & Meditation with Nuns: Dec 16, 6pm - 9pm
See website for open meditation (daily!) and various groups/class schedules.

Buddha Gate Monastery (Lafayette):
One Hour Open Meditation: 
  All welcome every Friday at 10am as well as these Sundays at 10:30am -- 
Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16, 2018 & Jan 13, 20, 27, 2019
Buddhist Ceremonies:
   Daily at 9:30am - 4:30pm --   December 23 through January 1, 2019
Zen Meditation Class: starts January 17, 2019 at 7pm! In Chinese see website for schedule

Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale:
Zen Meditation Classes: (weekly sequential course for 3 months) start January 2019 on both Wednesday nights and Saturdays in English! Separately in English, in Chinese, and for children.

Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco DDMBA (Fresno):
Introduction to Meditation:
Dec 8 at 2pm
Meditation Foundational Workshop:  Sunday, Jan 20 2019, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Group Meditations: Saturdays at 9am
Children/Teen Mindfulness Practice (Exercise Your Brain): Saturdays at 2pm
Bring Meditation into Everyday Life

Amitabha Buddhist Society (Pure Land Association)
Chanting meditation (recitating the Buddha's name repeatedly in Chinese: amituofo amituofo amituofo)
Regular: Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 10am; Saturdays and Sundays (weekends) at 1:30pm
Whole-Day Retreats (10am - 5pm) on  Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 14, 2018
[Amitabha Sutra recitation in Chinese with English transliteration and translation available, then mindfully recite amitofo over and over]

Guan Yin Recitation Retreat

Spend one week studying the mind and your inherent capacity for great compassion at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a Buddhist Monastery in Northern California. March 23 - 31, 2019. Or check out the 5-week Living the Practice Immersion Program in the spring! All adults are encouraged to apply - English track at

San Francisco Zen

Beginner's Zen Meditation Course

See website for Chinese or Children's schedules
In English:
At Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale: starts January 2019
750 E. Arques Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94085

At Buddha Gate Monastery in Lafayette:
Thursdays 7pm - 9pm, starts January 17, 2019
3254 Gloria Terrace, Lafayette CA 94549 USA

Buddhist Global Relief

Charity Walks -- Stay Tuned for 2019 Schedule and Donate Any Time at

San Jose was from Buddhi Vihara in Santa Clara to Chung Tai Zen Center in Sunnyvale, and San Francisco was at Gold Mountain Monastery in Chinatown

Buddhism for the Modern Mind

Every other Monday night, 7:30pm - 9pm, at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery. We will relate the timeless wisdom contained in the Buddha's teachings to daily life. For maximum fun, please bring along a quick wit and a wicked sense of humor.

Berkeley Buddhist Monastery also offers a diversity of free events throughout the week, including morning and evening yoga sessions, Beginner's meditation classes, Insight meditation, Avatamsaka Sutra Lecture, Sixth Patriarch Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra Lecture, retreats, and more!

Under Construction

在快节奏、高压力的现代社会中,我们的心总在浮躁和焦虑中,如何能够偷得浮生半日闲,享受一方的宁静和安详呢? 学习禅修即是最佳的一帖良药。透过禅修打坐可以帮助我们放松压力,提高专注力,保持清晰的头脑,了解自我思考的路径,找到痛苦和焦虑的盲点,让生活变得自在与快乐。中英文初级禅修班  -- 禅修、教理兼具,指引大众如何以禅定、智慧来 转化烦恼,将佛法落实于生活中。